Film Music Production Workshop

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Duration: 10 Days
Location: Treehouse Studio, Ahmedabad
Fees: Rs 31,500 /-  (incl. of taxes)
Start Date: April 22, 2019 04:00 PM
Last Date for Registration : April 15, 2019
Event Timings : Monday – Friday, 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

ONLY 5 composers will be chosen to undergo this intense workshop

At the end of the workshop, composers will be able to write music for films using their DAW and incorporating Hollywood style orchestration scoring techniques. They will possess the technical know how to undertake a film and be able to successfully go through all the stages of production smoothly. Composers will also be able to write and print proper scores and parts for live musicians.


Students must have:

  • an intermediate competency in the sequencing program of student’s choice with an ability to record multiple tracks and create an MP3 of the final mix
  • ability to read music, including treble and bass clef

**All Lessons will be taught on Logic Pro X, however it can be applied to any DAW of your choice**

Software Requirements:

  • Any Sequencing program such as Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Cubase, SONAR, or Pro Tools
  • A Sampling library such as Kontakt, any Vienna Symphonic Library, East West Quantum Leap, or Garritan collection
  • Notation software such as Finale or Sibelius (full version) is recommended. Students who can produce scores in their sequencing (DAW) software or by hand can use their current technique

Hardware Requirements:

  • Laptop with a DAW installed (Mac or Windows)
  • Headphones
  • External Hardrive (We will be sharing a lot of data including: scores, films to score, notes etc)
  • Portable MIDI controller (If you don’t have this, please inform us so we can arrange it for you)
  • More Details Coming Soon…

Workshop Outline:

    • Introduction to Film Music and the current state of the film industry and music
    • Film Music writing considerations
    • DAW Setup and Hardware considerations
    • Working with MIDI and Audio 
    • How to writing for Strings
    • Strings Mockup
    • Writing for Brass
    • Brass Mockup
    • Writing for Woodwinds
    • Woodwind Mockup
    • Writing for Percussions
    • -Percussion Mockups
    • Get your Assignment (Score a scene of your liking: Action, Magical, Emotional, Horror)
    • How to score electronic elements and working with Soft Synths
    • Basics of Synthesis
    • Score Analysis: John Williams, Hans Zimmer and many more
    • How to create Scores and Parts for a live orchestra or a player
    • How to Write Music for Games
    • Record you scores with live musician/s
    • Assignment Due
    • A talk on Music Business 


DAWLaptopHeadphonesExternal Hard-drive